Traditional Table is Back

Welcome back! I know many of you have been eagerly anticipating this order after 4.5 months off!!

So, here it is! And we have some really fun news! In addition to the returning favorites like pastured and organically raised meat from Ney’s Big Sky, sprouted grain bread from Angelic Bakehouse, gluten free pastas from Andean Dream, and more…we have a BRAND NEW VENDOR! Brewer’s Organics has joined our network of farmers and businesses who are helping us raise money for your school!


Brewers Organics is a local organic produce delivery service who shares our desire to support local farms and businesses and our passion for getting the best quality foods into the kitchens of busy families!

They will offer produce boxes in 2 sizes. The Standard Produce Box will contain 10-12 different produce items to serve a typical family of 4. The Large Produce Box will contain 18+ different items for larger families, families who love to cook, or who have vegan/vegetarian members. Most of the produce will be familiar (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, melon, apples, etc.) but they will add 1 or 2 items that are less familiar (eggplant, pluots, pea shoots, etc.) to allow your family to try something new! These boxes will be less than the retail cost, plus you save shipping. They are such a good deal! Plus, picking them up with the rest of your Traditional Table order means this could be your only grocery trip for the week!

Just as with every month…

  1. All the products we offer are organically grown or raised, contain no artificial ingredients or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), contain limited or no sugar (and only natural sugars) and fat from healthy sources
  2. Our animal products are from animals on pasture. Animals on pasture are eating what THEY were designed to eat, which is better for the animals, better for the environment, and better for us!
  3. Our prices are often LESS THAN RETAIL for the same or similar products, so even your budget wins!

Ordering is now open for this month. Orders are due Tuesday, Sept 27. Just order online, then send your payment into school by that date.

Pick up is Thursday, Oct 6 from 4 – 5 pm in the Woodside gym (please note earlier time). Don’t forget your own bag, box or cooler to carry your items home!

What are you waiting for? There is no time like the present to make a positive impact on your health, your budget, AND your school!!

Order Now!

Please feel free to email me at with questions, concerns or product suggestions! I welcome any feedback!!