Thursday November 7th Teacher Refreshment Dinner

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those who have kindly signed up to provide food and supplies for the Teacher Refreshment Dinner on Thursday, November 7th. Because of your generosity nearly all spots have been filled…just need a few more bags of salad! To confirm what you have signed up for please click here:


Please have all food and supplies to the Teacher’s Lounge by 2:30pm, on the 7th. Label your item “Teacher Refreshment Dinner – 11/7” and place items either on the back counter or in the frig. If you signed up to, or would like to donate money to go toward the cost of the pizza, please send money in an envelope, clearly labeledHome & School Pizza Money Donation – 11/7 Dinner, in your child’s folder by MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4th. Any amount helps, thank you!

If you have any further questions please contact either of the Teacher Refreshment Committee Co-Coordinators listed below:

Alison Coulis:, 262-510-4311

Monica Semenske:, 262-424-0898