Summer Tutoring Opportunity

Anyone Interested in Summer Tutoring???

My name is Mia Traverse, and I am a student at Hamilton High School. Our band has been offered the exciting opportunity to go to London next year. I am looking for a way to raise money and thought to offer my services in tutoring to anyone interested.

I have been tutoring grade school kids this Spring on a limited basis and will be to offer more this summer to help students work on skills for the next school year.

  • Age: All ages
  • Subjects: Math, reading/writing
  • Where Tutoring Sessions Would Take Place: Sussex library
  • Timing: Will be determined with interested families
  • Fees (all proceeds will go towards my marching band trip to London): $10/hour
  • Personal experience:
    • I have been advanced in reading for several years, and therefore could help with reading and writing at many grade levels.
    • I often peer edit my classmates’ papers and could help edit writing assignments and provide suggestions for improvement.
    • I have been in advanced math since 2nd grade, and I am finishing this year as a Freshman taking Pre-Calc I & II, which are junior/senior-level classes. I have experience helping students of varying ages, from K5 through high school students that were in my own math class.
    • I have demonstrated problems to the whole class before, which included showing all the steps and the thinking process to reach a solution. I’ve also experienced various different teachers and their teaching styles, and I’ve many different methods to introduce a concept if a student does not understand the traditional way to solve a problem.

Contact: Mia Traverse –