Red Ribbon Week 2017

Red Ribbon Week is celebrated in schools each year as part of drug abuse prevention initiatives. At Woodside, we celebrate Red Ribbon Week by focusing on healthy lifestyle choices. Students will be discussing the KEYS to a healthy life that are related to the theme “Your Future is Key, So Stay Healthy!” Please make a note of the following theme days for next week (October 23-27):

K: Keep Moving—we will discuss the importance of exercise for good health
Students are invited to wear athletic/team apparel

E: Eat Healthy Foods—we will discuss healthy eating habits
Students are invited to bring a healthy snack

Y: You Matter—we will discuss how our emotional health (feeling good about ourselves) is part of our overall wellness

S: Sleep—we will discuss the importance of getting enough sleep to keep ourselves healthy and able to do our best in school
Students are invited to wear their pajamas

Students are invited to wear red in recognition of Red Ribbon Week