Box Tops Context: October 2017

New Box Tops contest running now through Monday Oct 23!

Box Tops are small rectangles found on hundreds of product packages – see here (see attached) for a product list. Each Box Top is worth $.10 for our school, but only if it is intact and not expired. Cut off your Box Tops and turn them in for the coordinators to count and submit. Last year we made over $1600 for Woodside!

Time for a Box Tops Double Drawing Contest!

Drawing #1: Count out Box Tops in quantities of 10, and put into a small plastic sandwich baggie. With a Sharpie, write your child’s name on the baggie & the number “10”, and turn the baggie into the office. Each baggie of 10 Box Tops is an entry into this drawing for several small prizes.

Drawing #2: If you have 50 Box Tops, enter to win one of five larger prizes! Put 50 Box Tops in a single small baggie, with a Sharpie write your child’s name and the number “50” on the baggie, and turn it into the office. Each baggie of 50 Box Tops is an entry into this drawing for a few larger prizes.

Any baggies not clearly marked will be put in Drawing #1. Have a “bonus certificate” that is more than 50 Box Tops? If it expires in 2018 or later, feel free to keep it for the next contest. But if it expires in 2017, please turn those in now. Any questions not answered? Email co-coordinator Nina Wagner at

CONTEST ENDS MONDAY OCTOBER 23! Turn in those Box Tops now, and may the odds be ever in your favor!